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Leasing & 


Truck and Warehouse

​Any asset that is new or used, and where the function is for cash-generating business-related purposes. A business can lease practically any asset depending on their credit, including But Not Limited to :

  • Agricultural equipment

  • Point of Sale Systems

  • Telephone Systems

  • Medical and Dental equipment

  • Janitorial equipment (burnishers, duct cleaning equipment, ride-on sweepers)

  • Pressure Washing equipment

  • Industrial Sewing machines

  • Security Systems

  • Landscape equipment

  • Shelving and Racking solutions

  • Embalming and Cremation equipment

  • Automotive Repair equipment (hand tools are occasionally considered)

  • Computer Hardware and Software

  • Forklifts/Compressors/Backhoes, etc

  • Sound and Lighting

  • Office Furniture and Photocopiers

  • Golf Carts (for golf courses or retirement homes)

  • Restaurant equipment

  • Survey equipment

  • Artwork

  • Portable Shelters and Modular Office Trailers

  • Highway Trucks and Trailers

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