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This is the first question which comes in the mind of anybody who is seeking advice on sensitive issues of Insurance and Investments. These issues involve high privacy and require lot of trust. You want to deal with someone who is competent, honest and is there not only at the time of writing your business but also when you need help. Life Insurance industry is one where thousands want to try their luck but very few actually hang on there. There is high turnover of insurance agents and a high percentage quit within first two years.


I have been working full time in the life insurance and financial services industry since 2003. I am blessed with a large client base developed over years of hard work and service.  I have a zest for updating my knowledge and qualifications constantly  during my journey as an Insurance Advisor. I adhere to the professional standards of competence and ethics in my work.


I am licensed for dealing in Autoplan (BC), Life, Critical Illness, Disability, Long Term Care, Travel, Health and Dental Insurance and Segregated Funds in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. I also hold an RESP license in British Columbia.


 I work with my clients to help them achieve financial peace of mind. My approach is to first understand the needs and situation of my clients and try to fill in those needs keeping in mind a comfortable budget for them. We work together to put priority on which need, needs to be addressed immediately. I do review meetings from time to time to update the financial plan and match it with the changing needs. A change in need could be triggered by life events such as marriage, birth of a baby, buying a new home or business , retirement etc. I blend in financial protection insurance and financial security investments to have money available at various stages of life. My aim is to provide the clients with different alternatives and knowledge of products available as much as possible. Once they know, they become their own advisors and decide for themselves.


The best thing that my clients get is personal attention and they see an experienced financial planner personally when they deal with me. I am always present for initial advice and ongoing service to my clients. This personal touch makes them a part of my extended family. I believe in ever-lasting relationships built on trust and care.
I specialize in dealing with High Net worth Individuals, Doctors and Independent Business Owners. Main components of their plan being Estate Planning, Key Person Insurance and Business Buy-Sell Insurance and Tax favored investments.

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