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Having your investments taken care of can help you to pay for a home, educate your children, plan your retirement and ensure you are ready for any unforeseen circumstances. As we live in an ever-changing world, saving is essential to protect our future. 


The best type of investments allow you to take advantage of market growth potential and protect your principle dollar amount from getting lost. If a 25 year old person saves five dollars every day and invests in an option that bears 5% in the long run he will have approximately $300,000 at age 65 to take care of his old age. This could provide him with an income stream of more than $1500 per month till age 90 invested at the same rate.


If you are nearing retirement and have amassed wealth, you want that money to last throughout your life to take care of your expenses in old age. Annuities are available to help provide peace of mind and take away the market exposure element from minimizing your hard saved money. When it comes to retirement income, most investors prefer and income stream that is guaranteed and annuities give you just that.


Some insurance companies also offer Guaranteed Investments for an income stream in which they guarantee a minimum return of 5% on your investment or more if the market returns are higher. Your money keeps growing and you could opt for an income supplement as early as age 55. This investment provides potentially increased income stream to pace up with inflation. It provides tax efficiency if held in a Non- Registered account. There is potential creditor protection too. This tool can provide amazing results if started early in life. This is a guaranteed benefit pension which you create for your own self.


Not only there is a need to purchase investments according to your stage in life but there is also a need to review your investments from time to time to monitor the working of your financial plan. Certain types of investments allow the funds to be changed within the investment. I will help you chose the right plan based on your risk profile, investment goals and stage in life.

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Defer tax on your retirement money / Buy your first home! 


No Tax on contributions, interest earned, or capital gains 



Tax Shelter for Education Funds


Group Savings Plan

Help your employees build a strong and happy life 

Nurturing Growth
Signing a Contract

Segregated Funds

Growth potential of a mutual fund with the security of a life insurance policy 

Market Analysis
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